Paper Home Reflection 

In 3D art class, I built a model of my house out of paper. My house had a roof, and a front and back. In the front of the house I created the Windows, garage, and the front door. I made the front have a yard and built plants to create effect to the front of my house. In the back of my house I made a deck, and had Windows, plants, and a door as well. To make my artwork have texture, I made the grass out of a tool called a crimper. This made the grass have feeling and look textured and not just flat. ¬†I used the Principle Of Design, Pattern on the roof of my house when I created shingles. This made the roof stand out and resemble the roof on most houses. I also used shape, when I was creating my deck in the back yard, and when I was building the front and back yard. The meaning of this artwork was to show that you can use the tools and resources you have learned in 3D art, to create something that you see everyday and makes you who you are, something as simple as your house. This is showing individuals who want to learn more about 3D art, that it doesn’t always have to be complicated, but sometimes you have to think outside of the box. My artwork turned out to be very detailed and in depth when it came to specific details. I maybe could’ve spent a little bit more time on making my roof look a little better and more put together, but overall I thought it looked pretty good. I feel like the artwork I created was a success, because the house turned out to resemble many different characteristics and designs of my house.