Final Paper Sculpture


img_0367Instrumentalism: a pragmatic philosophical approach that regards an activity chiefly as an instrument or tool for some practical purpose

My paper sculpture is representing “no smoking”. I decided to use this topic since I feel I am informed on this topic, and understand the dangers. When creating this artwork, I decided to use a shadow box to incorporate each element I wanted to display in my work. I used different sizes and colors to make the artwork pop. Types of elements and principles of art I used were space, color, and pattern. I used color by using different colors of paper and having different areas of the artwork stand out. Each of these elements worked together o make the viewers’ eyes move along the artwork to understand each detail and piece.  The meaning of this artwork is to display the dangers of smoking, and to show the viewer that smoking is bad, and to stop smoking. When making the art, I used grey paper to make clouds, representing how the pollution of the smoke being released effects the world around us. I feel like this artwork was a success, since the viewer can look at the artwork, and understand what the work is displaying. Some strengths I had in this artwork, was using different types of colors and shapes to explain and display the purpose of the work. The artwork shows what I intended, and gives the lesson I was shooting for.


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