Grabovetskiy Artwork 

For our E-Learning art class, we were asked to research a wood sculpture artist, and write a few paragraphs describing them, and their artwork. The artist I choose to research was an artist named, Alexander Grabovetskiy.

Grabovetskiy only specializes in wood sculptures, although the work he has completed has given him the privilege of winning the International Woodcarver of the Year, awarded by the Wood Worker’s Institute. Alexander Grabovetskiy is considered one of the most talented wood carvers today. He has created many beautiful works of art some including furniture, architectural carving, and decorative carving. Alexander has been known for making his work hand made, instead of using machines, as well.

Grabovetskiy has always had a passion for art. When he was 6 years old, he took his first private lesson of wood carving from his grandfather. His passion from art increasingly grew from that first wood carving lesson. As he grew older and turned 16, his work of art impressed artist Vladimir Tokarev. Tokarev then made Alexander his apprentice. Sent to prision at a young age due to his faith, he encountered many obstacles in becoming a famous wood carving artist.

At age 21, Grabovetskiy moved into the United States as a political refugee, and immigrated to the United States in 1996, as a political refugee. Grabovetskiy moved to the United States with his wife, and 10-year old son. His woodworking business, created while he was in prision, soon grew. He employed a number of craftsmen, who were, like himself, Christian refugees in the United States.

Today, Alexander lives and works in South Florida. Alexander Grabovetskiy can turn a plain piece of wood into something fantastic and eye catching. Focusing on each detail, Grabovetskiy’s work is very precise and uses many different elements and forms. Because of his love from art from a very young age, Alexander Grabovetskiy has grown up to be a very well known, artist.



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