Clay Pinch Pot

In 2nd semester of our 3D art class, we were told we would be designing a clay pinch pot, and having a decoration/design of our choice shown within the clay pinch pot. The pinch pot was made with normal grey clay, and designed using the sgraffito design. When our class was told that we would be designing this clay project, my first thought was that this was going to be very difficult since clay was hard to sculpt and design. Designing the clay pinch pot was difficult, but after I desired I was going to design a llama within my pot, the project was somewhat simple. If I were to go back and redesign this pot, one thing I would have done is spend a little bit more time on the designs within the llama, since this was the longest part in the process. Overall, I am pleased with my project and happy with how this turned out.


Clay Whistle Project 

This semester in 3D art, our class designed individual clay whistles. The whistles were made out of normal grey clay, and designed using sgraffito. When this assignment was first announced to the class, my first thought was that I was going to have trouble making my whistle work, and having a design on the whistle as well.  Even though making the whistle have sound was difficult for everyone, after many days of art class, my whistle had sound. After this step, it was time to come up with my design and start working. My initial thought was to make a clay whistle that looked like a llama, like my clay pot. As I started working, with the help of Mrs. Briar, I then decided to work on a camel clay whistle. This process was difficult for me since this was a whole different design process. Personally, I enjoyed creating the pinch pot, because it was much easier and fun for me, and being able to create the different designs in the llama. One thing that I would change going back into the process would be having different many ideas in mind for the disgning process. Overall, this project was fun and I was very happy with how my clay whistle turned out.