Whistle/Tile Project

In our 3D art class, we were told we were going to be designing a clay whistle. The design process I used within my clay art project was with clay, and used a variety of different design methods. Types of designs I use include scrafitto, to sculpture different designs within my art piece. The design I created on my clay whistle was a camel, and the designs I chose to use were very important in order to clearly see what the clay whistle was designed to look like.  Now that my whistle is completed, one thing that was very successful for me was the color within the piece, and how they overall turned out. My clay whistle was very detailed, and each detail, even with painting the many different colors, turned out very good. One thing I would have done differently in this was to think clearly of the animal I wanted to create within my artwork. My first intentions were to create another llama, but as I was designing the piece and with help of my peers, the clay whistle looked more like the camel I created.  Overall, I am very pleased with how this piece of art turned out!

Lastly in our clay unit, we were to create a clay tile of a place that meant a lot to us. We were to chose a place, look up a a picture of that certain place, and create a clay tile with that.   The place I chose to resemble on my tile was The Tree Of Life, in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. This place meant a lot to me since Disney is a big family tradition in my family, and we have been many times. This scene reminds me of trips to Disney World, with my whole family from when I was little, to now. I feel that this project was more difficult than the whistle project, since it required much more design than the whistle design, therefore was harder to sculpt and add pices to the tile. I enjoyed the tile project more than the clay whistle project, since we got to choose a scene that meant a lot to us, and it was very fun to get to chose this scene, and get to design it. One thing I found challenging about this project was the amount of design and adding clay this project needed. Although this did not surprise me, it was very time consuming, but the overall turnout of the project was good!


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