Expectation for Photography

I decided to sign up for Photography, in order to learn more about something I love to do in my free time. I love to take and edit pictures, and knew that this class would 1) Make me enjoy it even more and 2) Learn how to properly take worthy pictures, and how to edit pictures as well! At the end of photography this year, I would like to know how to properly work different types of cameras, how to take good quality pictures, and how to edit pictures to make them look the  best they can! In the future I would love to have photography as a hobby! I feel it would be very enjoyable to pursuit my photography knowledge in taking family pictures, graduation pictures, and MUCH more. As my teacher, Mrs. Hahn can teach me how to use the tools that are available to me (camera, photoshop, other editing apps, ect.). Mrs. Hahn can also teach me how to make the pictures I take, have good quality when taking the picture, and how to make my pictures GREAT.