Metal Metaphor Sculpture

The Metaphor I chose for our metal Sculpture, was “You are my sunshine.” The Metaphor is saying that the sun is happy, fun, and that they are describing a person that way in their life as well. This Metaphor can also mean that sunshine reminds us of happy thoughts, and they could be talking about someone in that perspective as well.

Materials used:

– gold and silver metal

– wire

– wire cutters

– scissors


3D Design FINAL

This year, my freshman year, I decided to take the class 3D art. At first, I took this class so I could participate in photograhphy my sophomore year. As we got into the year, and started making such things as paper models, clay, and finally metal and such things, I enjoyed this class, and looked forward to coming and finishing my projects. In this class, one thing I learned was to be you and to express who you are and your personality in everything you do. You will enjoy and love your projects even more if you put some of who you are in it, because at the end of the day, the artwork is YOURS and it should incooperate some of your personality. In this class we made paper homes and shadow boxes, wood consumer projects, wood shapes, clay pinch pots and whistles, and pieces of art sculpted out of metal.

My work as a whole met the requirements, since I made sure to look at each direction, if my teacher posted them on the Canvas module. Specifically in my paper projects, I used the elements of art including texture, shape, and form. I used these three elements, by making sure each of my shapes and cuts, fit in the sections of the paper project in which I needed them to. I used texture when adding creativity to my project, and making certain areas in the paper sculpture capture the eye of the person viewing my artwork. In my wood project, I used shape, since the cutting of the wood had to be very exact, to be able to fit into the spaces provided. For our clay project I had to use texture and form. I had to use texture when doing scrafitto to add design in the clay to make the clay work look like my intentions. For the metal project, it was very important to use shape and line for all the different cuts and how to make the metal cooperate with your metaphor.

In my artwork, even though it was an assignment, in order to make your artwork the best it can be, you have to add a bit of your interests, personality, and YOU! In my paper artwork, I designed my house, which I have been living in my whole life. For such things as my clay tile, I used to encooperate the tree of life. This is important and significant to me, because my family go to Disney almost every year, and it’s a family tradition. I also decided to use the tree of life, since when I was little, my whole family went to Disney world, and the tree of life is one of our many favortites! When creating my artwork, I decided to use specific colors that I love, and colors to match what I was planning on creating. When also creating my consumer wood project, the initials represent my little cousin, and I decided to use her for the my project and create something that matched her room. During my art class throughout the whole year, I used my interests and family in my projects, and that made me love them even more!

This year, overall, was a success. I learned many things I had not known including how to sculpt plaster the correct way. I learned what tools to use when you are creating art with different materials. In a project perspective, projects including my c,ay projects, were better than the rest. I thought these turned out a lot better than my other projects, since they were fun and creative, and you got to put more of who you are as a person in these artworks. Throughout the year, some strengths of mine included designing the project to make it the best it can be and having the idea of what I wanted to create. Some weaknesses, could include finding what it is I wanted to make, as I am picky. In my future art classes, I plan to participate in photography and further photography classes!!

Whistle/Tile Project

In our 3D art class, we were told we were going to be designing a clay whistle. The design process I used within my clay art project was with clay, and used a variety of different design methods. Types of designs I use include scrafitto, to sculpture different designs within my art piece. The design I created on my clay whistle was a camel, and the designs I chose to use were very important in order to clearly see what the clay whistle was designed to look like.  Now that my whistle is completed, one thing that was very successful for me was the color within the piece, and how they overall turned out. My clay whistle was very detailed, and each detail, even with painting the many different colors, turned out very good. One thing I would have done differently in this was to think clearly of the animal I wanted to create within my artwork. My first intentions were to create another llama, but as I was designing the piece and with help of my peers, the clay whistle looked more like the camel I created.  Overall, I am very pleased with how this piece of art turned out!

Lastly in our clay unit, we were to create a clay tile of a place that meant a lot to us. We were to chose a place, look up a a picture of that certain place, and create a clay tile with that.   The place I chose to resemble on my tile was The Tree Of Life, in Disney World’s Animal Kingdom. This place meant a lot to me since Disney is a big family tradition in my family, and we have been many times. This scene reminds me of trips to Disney World, with my whole family from when I was little, to now. I feel that this project was more difficult than the whistle project, since it required much more design than the whistle design, therefore was harder to sculpt and add pices to the tile. I enjoyed the tile project more than the clay whistle project, since we got to choose a scene that meant a lot to us, and it was very fun to get to chose this scene, and get to design it. One thing I found challenging about this project was the amount of design and adding clay this project needed. Although this did not surprise me, it was very time consuming, but the overall turnout of the project was good!

Clay Pinch Pot

In 2nd semester of our 3D art class, we were told we would be designing a clay pinch pot, and having a decoration/design of our choice shown within the clay pinch pot. The pinch pot was made with normal grey clay, and designed using the sgraffito design. When our class was told that we would be designing this clay project, my first thought was that this was going to be very difficult since clay was hard to sculpt and design. Designing the clay pinch pot was difficult, but after I desired I was going to design a llama within my pot, the project was somewhat simple. If I were to go back and redesign this pot, one thing I would have done is spend a little bit more time on the designs within the llama, since this was the longest part in the process. Overall, I am pleased with my project and happy with how this turned out.

Clay Whistle Project 

This semester in 3D art, our class designed individual clay whistles. The whistles were made out of normal grey clay, and designed using sgraffito. When this assignment was first announced to the class, my first thought was that I was going to have trouble making my whistle work, and having a design on the whistle as well.  Even though making the whistle have sound was difficult for everyone, after many days of art class, my whistle had sound. After this step, it was time to come up with my design and start working. My initial thought was to make a clay whistle that looked like a llama, like my clay pot. As I started working, with the help of Mrs. Briar, I then decided to work on a camel clay whistle. This process was difficult for me since this was a whole different design process. Personally, I enjoyed creating the pinch pot, because it was much easier and fun for me, and being able to create the different designs in the llama. One thing that I would change going back into the process would be having different many ideas in mind for the disgning process. Overall, this project was fun and I was very happy with how my clay whistle turned out. 

Grabovetskiy Artwork 

For our E-Learning art class, we were asked to research a wood sculpture artist, and write a few paragraphs describing them, and their artwork. The artist I choose to research was an artist named, Alexander Grabovetskiy.

Grabovetskiy only specializes in wood sculptures, although the work he has completed has given him the privilege of winning the International Woodcarver of the Year, awarded by the Wood Worker’s Institute. Alexander Grabovetskiy is considered one of the most talented wood carvers today. He has created many beautiful works of art some including furniture, architectural carving, and decorative carving. Alexander has been known for making his work hand made, instead of using machines, as well.

Grabovetskiy has always had a passion for art. When he was 6 years old, he took his first private lesson of wood carving from his grandfather. His passion from art increasingly grew from that first wood carving lesson. As he grew older and turned 16, his work of art impressed artist Vladimir Tokarev. Tokarev then made Alexander his apprentice. Sent to prision at a young age due to his faith, he encountered many obstacles in becoming a famous wood carving artist.

At age 21, Grabovetskiy moved into the United States as a political refugee, and immigrated to the United States in 1996, as a political refugee. Grabovetskiy moved to the United States with his wife, and 10-year old son. His woodworking business, created while he was in prision, soon grew. He employed a number of craftsmen, who were, like himself, Christian refugees in the United States.

Today, Alexander lives and works in South Florida. Alexander Grabovetskiy can turn a plain piece of wood into something fantastic and eye catching. Focusing on each detail, Grabovetskiy’s work is very precise and uses many different elements and forms. Because of his love from art from a very young age, Alexander Grabovetskiy has grown up to be a very well known, artist.


Final Paper Sculpture


img_0367Instrumentalism: a pragmatic philosophical approach that regards an activity chiefly as an instrument or tool for some practical purpose

My paper sculpture is representing “no smoking”. I decided to use this topic since I feel I am informed on this topic, and understand the dangers. When creating this artwork, I decided to use a shadow box to incorporate each element I wanted to display in my work. I used different sizes and colors to make the artwork pop. Types of elements and principles of art I used were space, color, and pattern. I used color by using different colors of paper and having different areas of the artwork stand out. Each of these elements worked together o make the viewers’ eyes move along the artwork to understand each detail and piece.  The meaning of this artwork is to display the dangers of smoking, and to show the viewer that smoking is bad, and to stop smoking. When making the art, I used grey paper to make clouds, representing how the pollution of the smoke being released effects the world around us. I feel like this artwork was a success, since the viewer can look at the artwork, and understand what the work is displaying. Some strengths I had in this artwork, was using different types of colors and shapes to explain and display the purpose of the work. The artwork shows what I intended, and gives the lesson I was shooting for.

Paper Home Reflection 

In 3D art class, I built a model of my house out of paper. My house had a roof, and a front and back. In the front of the house I created the Windows, garage, and the front door. I made the front have a yard and built plants to create effect to the front of my house. In the back of my house I made a deck, and had Windows, plants, and a door as well. To make my artwork have texture, I made the grass out of a tool called a crimper. This made the grass have feeling and look textured and not just flat.  I used the Principle Of Design, Pattern on the roof of my house when I created shingles. This made the roof stand out and resemble the roof on most houses. I also used shape, when I was creating my deck in the back yard, and when I was building the front and back yard. The meaning of this artwork was to show that you can use the tools and resources you have learned in 3D art, to create something that you see everyday and makes you who you are, something as simple as your house. This is showing individuals who want to learn more about 3D art, that it doesn’t always have to be complicated, but sometimes you have to think outside of the box. My artwork turned out to be very detailed and in depth when it came to specific details. I maybe could’ve spent a little bit more time on making my roof look a little better and more put together, but overall I thought it looked pretty good. I feel like the artwork I created was a success, because the house turned out to resemble many different characteristics and designs of my house.